The Farm Market

              Harvested fruit is sold by the pound from displays in the salesroom, self-serve.  There is no “pick your own” from the trees.  We do all the picking.    Our earliest varieties are ready in mid- September, when the sales season begins.  Additional   varieties (15 or more) mature over an 8-10 week period. Sales typically continue into early March, but the light crop of 2018 will result in an earlier end to the 2018 sales season.





Harvested fruit is never held unrefrigerated overnight.  We are very fussy about getting this delicious but fragile health food to you in the very best-possible condition...from picking through grading, refrigeration, and display.    


  •     Cut samples available for tasting every day.
  •     Buy exactly as many apples as you want, individually; or              bagged.
  •     Economy “seconds” grade fruit is frequently available.
  •     Knowledgeable customer service.
  •     Apple cider, frozen pies, local honey.                
  •     Our own tested apple recipes: copies available.
  •     e-mail newsletter, by request.                
  •    Off the highway, away from the city, and quiet!

Questions?  Call 860-871-0120


                                     I pick them very carefully!


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